This program creates barcode labels that can be used in tape libraries. I use these together with Amanda, but they might be useful together with other backup software.

Getting and running this program

The program is free software. You can download it here:

It is written in Perl, hence you must have a working Perl installation. And it creates Postscript, so you need a Postscript printer or print preprocessor (like GPL Ghostscript, ) (and, for previewing, a Postscript viewer). Run make_tape_barcode --help to learn about the command line arguments.

Available barcode label types

I implemented some types for DLT/SuperDLT and for LTO Ultrium. The demo page gives you a first impression.

Tape and library compatibility

I tested the following configurations: If you want to test whether this will work for you, you could even try to print above-mentioned demopage and try the appropriate label with your library.


I'd like to support more media and label types if need arises. Tell me what you need. And I should create real documentation.
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