You can find here some of my programs I wrote for the ATARI ST series.

alvi 0.06 pl.3 UFG (unreleased)  
alvi UFG


alvi 0.06 pl.3


version 0.04 beta,
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version 0.05 beta,
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version 0.06 beta pl.3
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alvi 0.06 beta pl. 3

alvi (Alkor JPEG-Viewer) is a very special JPEG viewer. It can handle large JPEGs with a very small need for RAM. You can display JPEG-files with 1600x1200 pixels on an 520 ST (512 KB RAM). The maximum size of 32767x32767 pixels require 2.5 MB RAM.

alvi should run on any ATARI TOS compatible computer. The display of the current version is only monochrome.

Copyright alvi is not to be copied and/or sold for money. This specifically (but not exclusively) includes distribution on CD-ROM or floppies for any kind of a fee. Free distribution without any fees is allowable.

Please register your copy of alvi. The registration is free of charge. Just send me a postcard. (A nice view of your hometown or a beautiful landscape should be the motive).

Registration counter: 1 registation. (Last updated 1998/01/13)
Hint: Registered users have a bigger influence on new functions.

I don't need grayscale support, this is implemented for 2 unregistered users! One single person was asking for color support...

Note: I have a MEGA ST, and so 256 colors or 16 grayscales are not avialable to me. I can't implement features without the corresponding hardware to test.

alvi is still under development!

New features of the (unofficial) version 0.06beta are:

  • 8 grayscales modus for 16 color resolutions (ST low, TT mid and other). Note: This is a "quick hack"! (It won't work on other video hardware than ST/TT/F030. There will be a workaround if I get my graphic card working.)
  • "Best match" option: alvi choose the best shrinking factor so that a picture complete fitt into a window without the need to scroll.
  • It's now possible to move the viewing area of a picture by clicking and holding the left mouse button on the viewable area and moving the mouse around. The movement rate is dynamically adapted. (You need to move the mouse half of the size of the window to reach all edges of the picture.)
  • The cursor keys, shift + cursor keys and Clr Home / Shift + Clr Home keys are now attached to the corresponding window redraw routines.
  • The window name field shows now the filename and a part of the access path of the picture.
  • Error messages are passed to a special window.
  • New 3D look (16 color resolution or better).
    The proportions in ST low (320x200x16) looks a bit upset. Reason: The system font is 8x8 pixels large (not 16x8 like all other resolutions).
    Use 640x480x16 instead or install an other system font!
  • Some bugs fixed.

UFG (unreleased)

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UFG - Unique Fractal Generator

a nice fractal Project UFG was started in summer 1993. We (Matthias Hentschel and I) were fascinated by some fractal programs, but frustrated by the terrible handling of the user interface of these programs. You can't interrupt the calculation (or you will loose all datas), you can only use one resolution (mostly ST low, 320x200x16), and the ST is blocked while calculate the fractal. At the result of this frustating situation project UFG was formed.

another nice fractal Note: All fractals on this page has been created with UFG, saved as XIMG (256 colors), converted to GIF, and slightly manipulated for the web (shrinked and blured, finally saved as JPEG).

Some special features of UFG:

  • Resolution independent.
    UFG work in 2/16/256 colors, from 320x200 pixels upwards.
    You can calculate a fractal in ST high and display it later in any available resolution with wide possibilities of manipulations.
  • Fractals are automaticaly compressed by UFG.
  • Interrupt/continue calculation at any time.
  • Coprocessor support.
    Speedup by factor 20 and more.
  • Extended MultiTOS features:
    • Calculate several fractals simultaneous.
    • Computer not blocked while calculation.


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