DNSsec Zone Key Tool for FreeBSD

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ZKT is a tool to manage keys and signatures for DNSSEC-zones.

Author: Holger Zuleger

Main web page: http://www.hznet.de/dns/zkt/

This page deals with FreeBSD port specific details only. For documentation, source code and further information go to the zkt main web page. News about the port may be present in the Blog.


1. Using FreeBSD ports collection

  1. Update your ports collection (CVSup, CVS, CTM..)
  2. cd /usr/ports/dns/zkt
  3. make && make install

2. Using port archive from this site

  1. Download zkt port archive
  2. Create work directory of your choice (e.g. mkdir zkt && cd zkt)
  3. Extract port archive (e.g. tar xf zkt-0.98-port.tgz)
  4. make && make install

3. Use a precompiled binary package

The FreeBSD distribution should contain the package. You can fetch and install the package with pkg_add -r zkt.
Information about available versions for different FreeBSD architectures are present on The FreeBSD Ports Monitoring System.


FreeBSD port files:


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